mfe-0.1.7 and mednafen > 0.9.11

Currently, mfe passes incorrect parameters to mednafen 0.9.12 and up. This is due to a change in 0.9.12 that renamed vblur to tblur. You can read all changes for mednafen on the mednafen forums over here. The change we’re dealing with right now, was introduced in 0.9.12-WIP. Namely:

The <system>.vblur* settings have been renamed to <system>.tblur*.

I don’t know if Canonical Ubuntu has updated their mednafen package to reflect this yet, but Fedora has (0.9.18). This problem can be fixed by either using the patch provided at the bottom of this post, or by editing yourself.

Editing mfe_directory/mfe/

Pop open, and scroll on down to around line 450. The only changes you’ll need to make are to the “options.append(string)” lines.

453: options.append("-%s.vblur" % prefix)
456: options.append("-%s.vblur.accum" % prefix)
459: options.append("-%s.vblur.accum.amount" % prefix)

Need to be changed to:

453: options.append("-%s.tblur" % prefix)
456: options.append("-%s.tblur.accum" % prefix)
459: options.append("-%s.tblur.accum.amount" % prefix)

Using a patch to do it for you:

If you are unsure about editing the source code, just use the small patch provided. The patch can be found over here. Downloading from pastebin may present the file as plain text (txt), this won’t make any difference, but it may be worth renaming it to tblur.patch for sake of technical accuracy.

You can apply it with the following structure of a command.

patch mfe_directory/mfe/ < tblur.patch

or alternatively, move tblur.patch into the mfe source directory, and run:

patch < tblur.patch

If you want to contact me about this (in the case that the problem has been fixed, or in the case the patch is missing from pastebin), you can contact me at cngevpxzpqbabhtu@yninovg.pbz (ROT13’d to avoid spam-mail bots).


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